Watching Rick Mercer!

Friday, July 01, 2005

Watch Out For Mercer

Back Off Government has an exellent post:

"Rick Mercer, the comedian, is out to destroy Harper by turning him into a national joke...

Mercer was legendary for his gag against former leader Stockwell Day and the old Canadian Alliance's Citizen's initiated referendum policy. The policy would allow a national referendum to occur if a certain percentage of the population signed a petition asking for one on a particular question. The vote would not be binding, and would require the motion to be ratified by parliament. Apparently Mercer doesn't believe that letting the people have a say in contentious issues in a national referenda is a good idea. No, populism is evil to Rick Mercer. So he started a campaign to get Stockwell Day's name changed to "Doris Day" by getting Canadians to sign on online petition. The gag was a classic. And it destroyed Stockwell Day at a time when he didn't already need someone else to make even more of a joke out of him than the national media had already made him....

He's a Liberal. And he's funny. And he's dangerous. Stop laughing people - because Mercer's not laughing with us, he's laughing at us."

See the full post here.


At 12:20 AM, Blogger Candace said...

Sorry, but I loved the "Doris" gag - it was funny, it was on point (although I believe that the Reform idea was a good one, it was interesting to see it in the reverse), and I was not a fan of Day. Now that he is not a party leader, but a critic, I have much more respect for him.

As a female voter, I can say honestly that every woman I spoke to when Day was in charge of the Reform Party would not, could not, vote for them. He was far more "scary" than Harper on a bad day.

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