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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Rick Mercer responsible for anti-American bias?

Political Junkie has an interesting theory:

I have no scientific bias to back this up but when I was reading through the posts over at the Mercer-nary the thought occurred to me that Rick Mercer might be responsible for a huge amount of anti-American bias in Canadian society!

Does everyone else remember the segment called "Talking to Americans"? That was when Rick toured the U.S., made a dumb statement about Canada (like prime minister Horton scoring a double-double) and recorded the retarded comments that would then ensue. Several points worth noting here. First is that even in the Democratic hotbed of Harvard University, political science profs would have NO idea of anything Canadian. Democrats are supposed to be the smart ones remember. Not like those evil anti-abortion anti-gay marriage Christian rednecks from Texas. Second point would be - would you get different answers if you asked enough Canadians the same questions? There was never any mention of how many people had to participate to get 10 stupid responses.
But lastly, the most important point that this raises is ... Canada is becoming increasingly irrelevant. Not just in the US but pretty much around the world. Soft power doesn't work. And you can only run on your Vimy Ridge/Juno Beach/Korean War reputation before people start to ask questions like "that's great but what have you done in the last 60 years?". Why would Americans care to learn about Canada. We're the country that loves to generate most of our GDP selling things to the US and then criticize everything they do.

But my original point was that Rick Mercer was using taxpayer money to flog anti-Americanism. That's nuts and just another reason to cut off the CBC.

See the full story here.


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At 9:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I so agree with you, recently I was listening to cbc radio (purely out of boredom), and the announcer was talking to some guy in england who is running a theme park for kids based on charles dickens stories, and she could not stop bringing up 'socially relevant' questions like 'are you going to show the child labor and poverty?, my god I was so embarrassed because I know that guy wasnt thinking, what an idiot.. he was thinking.. what a canadian idiot.. what's next, she will rail on disneys magic mountain castle because it doesn't accurately depict social climates in medieval climes.. the cbc has over a 1 billion dollar budget, we should shut them down and put the money where it is better needed

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