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Saturday, July 02, 2005

I used to be a fan...

Waking Up On Planet X has this to say:

...You're being paid by the CBC, ergo the government, ergo the Liberals (and now, as well, the NDP). Your bias is showing. I could live with it if you slammed Jacko & Gilles as much as you've slammed the CPC. But you haven't. And the Liberals. What, you're telling me they are perfect? The most you can say is that Paul stutters? You haven't taken on Screechin' Annie? Or Joe "those KKK" Volpe? And call yourself a Canadian comedian? I'd call you something else, but my daughter might read this.

What, are you worried about your job?

Stick to what you know. Either that, or even up the shots and show you have no bias.
As a taxpayer, I guess that makes me a quasi-employer, doesn't it? Which is kinda weird. But maybe that means you'll either pay attention, or go anonymous, or, perhaps, just away.

Just a thought, but "real" blogs allow comments.


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