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Thursday, June 30, 2005

This Blog Has Too Few Laughs

The Invisible Hand adds:

Mercer's complaint with Kenney is as follows...

"Anyway while the speaker was admonishing Jason for such unparliamentarily language as “ignorant” I started thinking “What are the chances that Jason Kenney is so stunned that he would call another MP ignorant for not having registered his domain name when he hasn’t bothered to register his own?”

...except that's not what Kenney said. He didn't criticize Boudria for not registering the domain, he criticized him for complaining to Parliament about something that is in no way Parliament's jurisdiction, instead of using the proper channels. Of course, if Kenney had then staged a big protest over Mercer's registration of, it would have been very hypocritical. But he didn't; Kenney seems to have taken it with good humour....

Rick Mercer is guilty of violating the first rule of satire: it has to be funny. It's okay to be one-sided or even partisan as long as you follow this, which Mercer failed to do.

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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Question of The Day

Remplia Prime has a question:

"What is the “Rick” in Rick Mercer’s name short for? Perhaps…..Richard? If you can source your answer for me, please do."

Perhaps Prick? Dick? Schtick? Sick? Send your answers here.

Liberal blood-dog - Rick Mercer

According to the "voice of Liberals" the Liberal Underground, it's funny that mercer is a taxpayer subsidized Liberal propaganda machine:

Rick Mercer To Seek Conservative Leadership?June 27, 2005
They say politics is a blood sport and far be it for me to argue with that theology. However, if you doubt it, just look at the recent attacks on the Conservative party of Canada, or for the matter, the direct attacks, by Canadian funny-man, and liberal blood-dog, Rick Mercer, on Stephen Harper.
Now what does this have to do with Rick Mercer and the leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada? The LU lets the cat out of the bag in an exclusive. Mercer for leader - coming to CBC this fall.
The LU has learned that Rick Mercer's next piece of comic relief will include a vow to seek the leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada.
In a brilliant political move, the one-man Conservative wrecking ball intends to travel across Canada during his summer break from "Monday Report" and tour the BBQ circuit to drum up support for his bid to topple the CPC's embattled leader.
Mercer's cross country trek is set to start next month in the Yukon, while the BBQ weather is favourable. The journey is set to end sometime in August in Mercer's home province of Newfoundland and Labrador.
"Talking to Conservatives" a special "Report" is tentatively set to air on the CBC sometime in October or November, later this year.

Do you think it's funny? You're paying for it!

Hat tip to freethinca. To see the article and leave comments, go here.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Sir, I don't much like your tone, that supercilious sneer you wear

Ravishing Light says regarding buying the domain, and redirecting it to the Marxist-Leninist Party website:

"Me, I think that's somewhere near the full-blown, knee-slapping, gut-busting, so-funny-I-forgot-to-laugh hilarity of calling Stockwell Day "Doris" for months on end, but others may disagree.(Not that this is a bad thing. I'd rather Mercer was being a smarmy jackass online, than on TV, with the full backing of and exposure granted by the Mother Corp.)"

See the whole post here.

Mercer the Puppet

I Am (also) Canadian posts this image that says it all:

See the post here.

Monday, June 27, 2005

Political Junkie has a good point about registering

Does anyone else find it interesting that Rick Mercer is having a good time berating Jason Kenney for not registering ? Doesn't .org ususally get reserved for organizations and individuals would use .ca or sometimes .com? I know Jason's been apt to put on a few pounds but to call him an organization would be a bit of a stretch.

See the post here.

Sunday, June 26, 2005


And from the Lunch Pale : (Wow - they came up with the name Mercer-nary too! How many other people see Rick Mercer as a hired gun for the Liberal Party?

What's up with Rickie - all the funny Canadian comedians are out in the world making funny movies/ tv shows in Hollywood while he is pimping Kyoto for the feds and collecting a government paycheck for unfunny attacks on anything conservative. Now he has an unfunny blog attacking conservatives.

See the post here.

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Your One-Tonne Challenge

And from the Blog Quebecois :

Rick Mercer as quoted in the National Post:

I ask you: Is there anything more pathetic than sitting indoors while the sun is shining reading a blog written by Monte Solberg?

Why, yes; yes there is: reading Rick Mercer's blog.

See the post here.

Rick Mercer - CBC Expenses

Another Blogger Dust my Broom has this to say about Mercer

“I wanted something that screamed Jason,” Mercer says.

How about Canadians screaming to see your expense reports? Rick Mercer is running his own blog and has bought Jason Kenney’s domain name and forwarded it to the Marxist Leninist party of Canada. Joel Johannesen shows that the registration for the site is not exactly in Rick Mercer’s name.

Fun is fun but I don’t feel like paying for this jackassism. Also does anyone find it amusing that he links a conservative to a new liberal philosophy? Mercer - better get out your manifesto.

Check out the full article here.

All things mercer

We are watching Rick Mercer on the web. Rick Mercer is Canada's state "comedian" paid by the Canadian taxpayer on the taxpayer funded tv network - CBC. He has close ties with the Liberal government doing pitches for them and attacking their opposions - the Conservative party.

Rick Mercer - we are watching you!